Meditation and Management can go together

Anil Sharma


Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”


Leo Tolstoy the world renowned Russian writer had an influence on many political leaders with his unique insights into the human condition. He passed through an intense moral crisis around his forties and came out a man who was self-realized.


It was this unique self-realization born out of intense curiosity that sharpened his writings and went on to guide the leadership potential of Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King.


The external and internal dimensions of the leader


While a leader sets out to shape the extended organization, the change trigger process is mutual. If the leader fails to overlook the need for change in his/her own being, it becomes that much more challenging to effect change outside.


It is not helpful for the leader to know and develop his skillset (external dimension) alone.

It becomes important to also assess one’s set of intrinsic motivations and state of mind (internal dimension), either through self-enquiry or enlisting professional help with a coach.


In my practice of leadership coaching - I routinely assess Leaders for the “Coachability” factor – that takes into account the capabilities coupled with their mind set to act as role models for their teams.


Enlightened leadership 


Deepak Chopra - the celebrated American author and prominent figure of the “New Age movement captures this need beautifully - Enlightened leadership is spiritual if we understand spirituality not as some kind of religious dogma or ideology but as the domain of awareness where we experience values like truth, goodness, beauty, love, compassion, and also intuition, creativity, insight and focused attention.”


The Effort


The effort of an organization is to drive excellence. Excellence can be achieved only through fully engaged people. Engaged people give out the highest productivity and greatest performance when led by a balanced leader.


Organizations deploy various quality standards for improving the quality of the processes and products. But rarely do we come across any standard for improving the quality of the individuals.

A contemplative state of silence can improve the “Emotional Quotient” of the individuals.


Meditate for good management


Taking time out for the daily act of meditation allows for training yourself to look at the Mind and the maelstrom of thoughts whirling around in it. A gradual practice will help cultivate awareness on incremental basis and brings one to a stage of just being in the moment and understanding the reality as it is.


The art of being meditative helps in finding out and removing the root causes of disturbances and becomes a catalyst for creativity and innovation. A meditative practice helps in creating excellence in everything that you do.


Sustained practice allows the individual access the layers of inner being through meditative observation and enlightenment happens as a consequence. It is a by-product and comes as a gift of the existence. This gift allows one to see the various roles played by the individual.


Role play


Life is all like a stage. You could be enacting any role that you want to.


In fact you do find yourselves playing many roles at the same time and playing none at a moment in your life.


When you are at peace and quiet in the contemplative state - think of the roles that you play every day. Are you a mother, a sister, father, brother, wife, husband? Imagine stepping out of the roles, one at a time, while noticing your attachment to them. You might be resistant to let go of one role, while relieved to release another.


Breathe into whatever experience arises for you, remembering that you are bigger than these roles and your reactions to them. With self-realization, you have a clear perception of thoughts, strengths, weakness, emotions, beliefs and your personality.


Discovering your true self becomes even more important when you go for leadership assignments. As said by Myles Munroe, The self-discovery of your inherent leadership potential and an understanding of who you are and what you are meant to be are the keys to fulfilling your purpose from existence as a leader”.




Self-awareness lends itself to assess your key competencies and development areas. The impact of a clear perception goes further deep as you tend to build better trust and understanding with your team and customers.


This person gets into an innate strength to lead the organization with love and compassion.

At this stage both Creativity and Compassion can co-exist harmoniously.


Meditation and Management can merge together.


There is no struggle between the two.