Team Performance Development workshop

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships”
- Michael Jordan


How are Teams connected to Leadership?

The one thing in common across the leadership spectrum is the management of winning teams - to go and achieve goals.

As you ascend to a Leadership role with a team reporting in to you, it becomes crucial to understand that, no single person (that includes You the Leader) will have all the answers. Its only when you respect the individual intelligence in the team and account for the strengths and weaknesses across the group and then play this to your advantage - will you get your company ahead.


What are some Team characteristics?

In the 1990s two ex-McKinsey consultants, Katzenbach and Smith, undertook research into team performance and published the five different characteristics of Teams on a 'Team Performance Curve'.

Working Group. This is a group of people who share common goals and objectives but are not required to interact to achieve their objectives. E.g. Workers in a call center.
Pseudo Team. These are dysfunctional teams and team members do not understand team's objectives.
Potential Team. These are people who know their individual roles and responsibilities but they lack synergy.
Real Team. They have a common understanding of the team's goals and work synergistically.
High-performance Team. This is a group that meets all the conditions of real teams but have an additional level of commitment and energy borne out of an exceptional relationship between team members.

How do I get a High-Performance Team for my company?

A small improvement in the team process will result in a massive increase in performance! The Mind Team Development Workshop – provides an effective and globally acclaimed team development process. The Mind tool was designed with teams in mind and delivers highest return on investment.


How is this workshop different than others?

The Mind workshop enables team members to gain a neurological understanding of not just how their colleagues are (they probably already know that), but why they are the way they are. Workshop participants go through an online assessment tool called the Mind tool. With a neuroscientific foundation - Mind is the only profiling tool available today that is based on a scientifically accurate model of the brain, developed by My Brain Intl of the UK.


Benefits to your Organization

  1. Move from potential Team to High Performance Teams: MiND workshop with a team is a cost-effective way of getting to know colleagues better and improving team performance.
  2. Understand Strengths and weaknesses: Participants will be able to understand their areas of strength and challenges and build self confidence in tackling new situations.
  3. Gain Influence, persuasion and communication: Participants will learn a new framework to understand their own behavior’s and actions and will be able to make choices to become more effective.

Apart from the performance benefits a Mind team workshop is a lot of fun. A typical workshop will include optical illusions, games and exercises, all designed to illustrate aspects of neuroscience on team practices.

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